We have moved to Trafalgar Wharf, Unit 8, Hamilton Road, Portsmouth PO6 4PX




Our partners Bord-a-Bord and Mecanorem were both present at our stand at Seawork 2015 and we were able to show a Bord-a-Bord 695 Cabin at Southampton Boat Show.


Later in the year, the new version of the Smartboat 23 wwas shown for the first time at the Nautic Boat Show in Paris in December and we are now able to offer this much improved and more luxurious craft which is being entirely built in France.




May 2014


New for 2014 - Aluminium boats


Bord a Bord are situated at Plestin les Greves on the north Brittany coast and specialise in the construction of unsinkable aluminium boats. GO Marine are the first distributors for this range of boats in the UK and will be exhibiting at Sea Work in Southampton and at the Southampton Boat Show in September.

The family run business produces about forty boats a year from its modern industrial unit, of which about a third are for the commercial market.

The Dervinis leisure range extends from 4.5 metres to 10 metres in length. The boats are extremely lightweight but strong and take outboards up to 150 hp. Larger boats can be fitted with enclosed wheelhouses and there is always the potential for fitting out to individual requirements, as each boat is built to order.

Boats are constructed from aluminium parts cut by computerised lasers. This process optimises the use of material and keeps unit costs to a minimum.

A professional range of craft is offered, using similar technology, based on the same Dervinis hull or on the Buggy range of utility hulls ranging from 5.45 to 8.2 metres.

A full range of dive craft is also offered, again based on the same hull form, but tailor made and up to 12 metres, with either inboard or outboard engines.

The company’s reputation has led to orders from such institutions as the army, the police, SNSM, local and port authorities. Others have been constructed for passenger transport, diving clubs and offshore industries in various parts of the World. A recent commission, which has just received press coverage in France, was for four Dervenis 620’s delivered to Sea Shepherd, the well known anti-whaling organisation who require craft to operate in the most testing of conditions.

We shall shortly have a Dervenis 620 available for demonstration purposes.




September 2013


We shall be again at the Southampton International Boat Show with a Smartboat 23 on marina berth M301. Do come and visit us there.

During the long hot summer, we were at The All Wales Boat Show and followed this by a demonstration day on the Menai Straight, navigating The Swellies in a stiff breeze.

Our South Coast boats were present again at Cowes Week and more recently at the Bournemouth Air Show.

Immediately after Southampton, we shall be taking a boat to Scotland's Boat Show at Kip Marina on 11-13 October.  Anyone in that area who would like sea trial after the show should contact us in advance if possible.



Sea trials are now being offered from our recently refurbished sales office at Cobbs Quay Marina in Poole harbour.


June 2013


Spring arrives at last!


Those who came to Aero Expo to visit the Smartboat 23 we had there were subjected to sunburn for a change - just a pity we were in Northamptonshire and not on the water.  We look forward to hearing from those wanting sea trials so that we can arrange suitable dates.




We are please to announce that we are extending our presence along the South Coast.


We now have a Smartboat 23 located at Cobbs Quay in Poole Harbour and another ashore at Hamble Point Marina.  This is addition to the boat available for demonstrations at Swanwick Marina.


We hope this will make it easier for you to come and inspect our boats and, if interested, to try them at sea.


The Cobbs Quay office will be manned seven days a week, but do please let us know if you are travelling any distance to visit any of our locations, so we can be there to meet you.



C-FURY  - new!


We are delighted to announce an arrangement with C-FURY, which enables us to promote these very individual boats in the South.


We currently have one second hand C-FURY Patrol (AWC) F70 which we shall be pleased to demostrate at Southampton/Poole base.


Please follow the link on this site to find out more and see the details of the second hand boat under our 'offers' section.


May 2013


Boat shows

With this mail-out we are please to be able to send an english language version of the french newsletter, from which you will see the worldwide coverage Smartboat is getting.  Among the many international shows, we have been able to follow Southampton with a presence at London and as we write, one of our demonstrators will be showing a Smartboat 23 for the first time at Jersey Boat Show.

Our plans for the rest of the season include exhibiting at AeroExpo on 31 May - 2 June; at the All Wales Boat Show on 24 - 28 July and at the Scotland Boat show in October.  Anyone wishing to attend and requiring more information or tickets, please let us know.


Designer's Day in Paris

4 - 9 June   See brochure below :-

Designer's Day Paris 2013
Adobe Acrobat document [431.8 KB]



March 2013


Launch of the Smartboat 30 in Paris 4 - 9 June 2013


Smartboat France are hosting existing owners, distributors and prospective customers in Paris for the launch of the exciting new Smartboat 30.  The Smartboat events will form part of the Designer's Days in Paris from 4th to 9th June.

A fleet of Smartboat 23's will provide transport throughout the event to the various venues along the river Seine and the Smartboat 30 will be a design exhibit throughout the days.

A reception will be held for all Smartboat attendees on Friday 7 June and a number of other surprise events together to launch the 30 and to form for the first time an owners club.


Febuaray 2013




We were able to show a brand new Smartboat 23 at Excel and this incorporated some
of the minor improvements which continue to be made as production increases.


The boat was selected as a finalist in the Motor Boat of the Year Awards and we
were delighted to be able to invite the directors of Smartboat France to join
us for the very enjoyable presentation dinner at the Savoy Hotel on the first
Monday of the show.


We found that many people coming to the stand already knew more about the boats
than had been the case at Southampton, largely on account of the excellent
press reports in both Motor Boat Monthly and Practical Boat Owner. These
reports can be found elsewhere on this site, together with excellent footage of
how the boats perform in rough conditions.


People coming onto the stand were most enthusiastic with comments such as “It’s epic!”

“The best boat in the show”, “ The most innovative boat in the show.” “Such
wonderful lines.” We are finding more and more people interested in the
versatility of the lightweight and shallow draft, making the boat easy to tow,
launch and beach. Of course, the double cabin and the kitchenette are things
people just do not find on other boats of this category.





Now we are over the immediate aftermath of the show, we have been arranging further
sea trials for potential customers. We currently have two days set aside for
sea trials from the River Hamble on Sat 16 February and Sat 2 March. Whilst we
hope we have contacted most potential customers to offer these dates, if anyone
is interested in having a sea trial on either of these dates, please fee free
to contact


We are always pleased to offer a sea trial on other dates if we are asked.


We are now organising our programme for the spring and early summer, when we shall
be taking a demonstrator to a number of smaller shows and venues around the
country. As soon as this programme is finalised, we shall, of course, publish
details here.



December 2012 

The Smartboat 23 is a finalist in 'The Motorboat of the Year', award.  The winner will be announced during the London Boat Show in January 2013.


The latest 2013 Smartboat 23 will be on view at the Yamaha boardwalk on stand C234.


This latest version continues to be rated for a 200hp outboard which makes it a suitable platform for the new Y200 outboard which will be previewed at the London Boat Show.


Press reviews continue to enthuse about this craft and a link to the latest 'Motor Boat Monthly' review can be found under the video heading of this website.



November 2012


It has been a very busy time for us in the follow-up to the Southampton International Boat Show. Our two demonstrator Smartboats - one ashore on the Yamaha stand and one afloat for sea trials - generated so much interest that we have only just managed to make contact with all those who requested more information or a sea trial.


Sea trials have not been easy to organise in very variable conditions yet the Smartboat has continued to perform superbly in all weather conditions.


The demands for trials from prospective customers and the media have been numerous. If we have not yet been able to get you out on a boat, we shall be in contact to arrange dates. Do feel free to contact us if you would like to come out for a trial and please note that some of our contact details have changed in order to cope with demand.


So far as the press is concerned, the detailed test report in 'Power Boat and Rib', which was available at Southampton, has been
followed by an enthusiastic review by Nick Burnham in the November issue of 'Motor Boats Monthly'. We also had a stimulating day in the Solent in testing conditions with 'Practical Boat Owner' and are hoping for a detailed report shortly. We hope to have some of their photos and video to put on the website very soon. Other magazines on the list for press days are 'Motor Boat and Yachting' and 'Boat Fishing Monthly'. We shall post test reports on our website as they become available.


While we have been busy here, our French partners have been even busier. They attended shows at Genoa, La Rochelle and Cannes and have taken many orders which means production of the Smartboat 23 has been stepped up. Even so, we are now looking into next year for availability of new craft and have decided to offer for sale our two demonstrators prior to the London Boat Show. For those of you receiving this by e-mail, specification sheets for the two boats are attached. For others, the details are available on the website. This is a 'one-off' opportunity to acquire one of these boats at a considerable discount. With current levels of demand, it is unlikely we shall be able to offer discounts on new craft next season!


Production of the Smartboat 30 prototype continues and when we have details of where it will first be on view we shall let everyone know.


Our immediate plans are to have a Smartboat 23 at the London International Boat Show where the latest minor amendments to the boats will be apparent, some of these the result of detailed feed back from you as potential UK customers and some from us in response to the UK market.


During next spring we do intend to take a demonstrator around the West Country, Wales and Scotland and more details will follow.


(For those of you searching on the internet, please note that one of our boats was erroneously offered for sale by a brokerage on the south coast. All purchases in the UK of new boats or demonstrators must be made directly from Go Marine and no brokers will be involved.)



The two smartboat 23s exhibited at Southampton Boat Show on the Yamaha stand and pontoon, attracted great interest from visitors to the Show.

A few people remarked that they had seen the Smartboats motoring in the Solent during Cowes week but for the vast majority they were a new and very eye-catching experience.

Many felt encouraged to look over the 'grey Smartboat' on the Stand and ask lots of questions as the boats provided such unique appearance in design and versatility in use.  Visitors were impressed by the beautiful shape of the hull, the carry capacity, the small cabin and seating options.

The white Smartboat 23 on the pontoon was in great demand for trial runs when tidal conditions permitted.  These gave some opportunity for visitors to experience the smooth ride and performance of this craft.  Further test opportunities are planned in October.

We are sure that the success of the Smartboat 23 in other European countries will soon extend to the UK.  These boats were exhibited on this side of the Channel, for the first time at Southampton.  They have now returned to thier permanent base at Priemer Marina at Swanwick.

If you would like to view or book a ride in a Smartboat, contact :




New grey hulled Smartboat 23


Two 23' Smartboats can now be seen motoring in the Solent , a white hulled boat with a 115hp engine and a grey hull with a 150hp.  Both were taken to Cowes Week (11-18 August) and demonstrated their excellent performance and stability in rough conditions.  They certainly enjoyed a lot of interest and attention!


The next big event for the Smartboats will be at Southampton Boat Show (14-23 September 2012) when one will be displayed ashore on the Yamaha stand (E070) just opposite Princess.  And the other will be moored on the pontoons and is available for sea trials.


The Global Ocean Race has chosen Smartboat 23’ as the official supplier of motor boats for the 2011-2012 race.

The idea for this durable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver boat came from Hedy Kardous, Olivier Dupont Delestraint, and Frédéric Meunier, and was motivated by clients and friends looking for a recreational boat that was fast, robust, exciting, and affordable. The trio contacted Vincent Lauriot Prévost, a partner in the yacht design firm VPLP with Marc Van Peteghem. Production began in late 2009.
The MC-TEC shipyard has since produced nearly 100 Smartboats that are now cruising on European waters.

Today, Smartboat is being sold around the world, and its partnership with the Global Ocean Race is proof of its success. With one or two outboard motors as well as an inboard option, VPLP’s hull design makes driving the Smartboat fast, smooth, and stable regardless of conditions. The steering responds well too, even at high speeds. The boat can easily maneuver across shallow waters near the coast with a draft of only 40 cm. The Smartboat’s cabin can be accessed from the control station. Weighing only 820 kg, the Smartboat is incredibly easy to launch, load, and maneuver.

Josh Hall, Director of the GOR is extremely happy with their new partnership: “We’re delighted to have Smartboat as our official supplier of motor boats. This exceptional boat will be perfect for managing the start and finish of each leg of the race. We’re currently working closely with Smartboat to customize the boat for our needs, and we can imagine that many event organizers and yacht clubs will be buying Smartboats in the near future. The Smartboat has a unique design and the quality of its construction is beyond reproach. We believe that the Smartboat is perfect for the GOR.”

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